Introduction To The Slug and Lettuce

The Slug and Lettuce is a well established brand. It has consistently evolved and is now one of the most famous brands on the high street, where it trades in the premium sector of the high street bars market.

SFI took the opportunity to acquire the brand in 2000, as it complemented the existing Bar Med and Litten Tree operations and added to our strategy of complementary brands on the High Street.

It puts equal emphasis on lunchtime and evening business within normal licensing hours. The brand proposition is consistent throughout the day. The only thing that changes is the mood and setting as customers become more at leisure. Slug and Lettuce bars provide an informal, relaxing, and friendly atmosphere. They attract an aspirational customer profile to dine and meet friends, chill out, or just relax and unwind in a contemporary, modern setting.

Over the years, Slug and Lettuce has responded positively to changes in lifestyle and consumer trends. In the past year we have conducted wide research to establish the strengths and opportunities to develop the brand for the future. A new, modern template is being tested now in a number of established sites.

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