Introduction To The Litten Tree

The History

We believe that The Litten Tree name is a corruption of the Old English name for a Rowen Tree.

The Rowen Tree has stood as a part of the English landscape for centuries and was particularly used in churchyards to ward off evil spirits. Fortunately, for our customers, the only spirits seen now, in the modern Litten Tree pubs, are the alcoholic variety; so the powers still are perhaps present today!

The heritage and tradition of the English landscape and the scene of the village inn that provided sustenance and provisions for the weary traveller, are the values, in a different era, that the modern, up to date Litten Tree pubs represent today.

The first Litten Tree pub was in Greenford in Middlesex and was regarded by many as the country pub in the town; it was a great success. It gave the Group the confidence to share this jewel in our crown with a wider community and as such, Litten Tree pubs are now a feature in many towns and cities across the UK. They all developed from the heritage of a former era with the modern challenge to today's customers to

'Experience the difference'


The Present

The Litten Tree is the leading chameleon brand in the UK. It changes its whole character between daytime and night, to attract very different customer groups and satisfy different leisure occasions. The Litten Tree brand has constantly evolved and has been a key reason for its continued success.

The Litten Tree day starts with coffee and pastries in all our operations and, in some, our Café Litten sandwich operation opens for customers to use on their way to work.

Businessmen and women, shoppers, office workers or people meeting friends use the Litten Tree for lunch. The menu is extensive and caters for all tastes, with the underlying principle of providing value for money.

The customers during mid-evening will have a bite to eat, a drink and enjoy the entertainment, be it karaoke, tribute bands, talent contests, named DJs, party nights or sport on the big screens.

Later the tempo rises and The Litten Tree becomes a party venue with food available. Each Litten Tree responds to the needs of its particular community. It is a ‘broad church’ brand, where all are welcome.


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